Wednesday Weekly Roundup – Thyroid News – Feb.5, 2014

 Thyroid News Update

thyroid news

thyroid news

Here’s your weekly thyroid news update from Thyroid Mom.  These are articles or abstracts that either appeared in the news this week or things that I found this week that I wanted to share with you.  Happy Reading!


Read my update on Newborn Screening (if you haven’t already!)

More on Fukushima


Coconut oil: Can it cure hypothyroidism?

Subclinical hypothyroidism unrelated to weight gain in older adults

Thyroid Disorders in Pets 

Hypothyroidism Stats from Ahmedebad, India

How much levothyroxine should be started for hypothyroidism diagnosed during pregnancy?

Is Graves’ Disease always an auto-immune disorder?

When thyroglobulin is undetectable, is any further testing needed in following patients with thyroid cancer?

Hope you enjoyed this week’s thyroid news update!

By Blythe Clifford